Choosing a Company in Hong Kong

October 25, 2020


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In Hong Kong, one can have a wide range of options to choose from, depending on one’s needs and preferences. One can choose either to register a sole trader or a corporation. The former, a sole trader, would enable a person to conduct the business independently; while a corporation would be able to enjoy better tax benefits and privileges.
Hong Kong Company incorporation. Every year, tens of thousands of new businesses to be registered in Hong Kong; as a significant international financial centre, Hong Kong attracts numerous investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe. It is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of this city in the international arena. Business incorporation in Hong Kong has become more common, with many entrepreneurs now opting for such incorporation because they find it easier to do so compared to establishing a new company in another place.
Before you start looking for suitable options for your company, it is essential to check first with your state’s laws, which govern the procedure of company incorporation in Hong Kong. The state would probably require certain documents to be presented when you wish to start a company, including the necessary documents and the necessary application forms. Your company would be established after the requisite papers are submitted to the government, and you have cleared the process. Once you have passed all these requirements, you could then approach a registered agent and register your business. He or she would then be in charge of looking out for an ideal location to put up your business.
Before you can even start thinking about the various choices you have for incorporation in Hong Kong, you will need to decide on a name for your company. Some businessmen prefer to stick to one company name, while others might prefer to register different names to suit their specific needs and requirements.
There are different types of incorporation available in Hong Kong. Some of them include general incorporation, limited company, limited partnership, limited liability company, and the like.
General incorporation is the simplest form and involves just the name and address of the company incorporation Hong Kong, the date of formation, its location, and the shareholders. If one wishes to incorporate a limited company, the company would be incorporated under the name of a sole proprietor. When one wishes to get more complicated, but very attractive, a SIC will help you register the company under the name of a professional law firm.
There are different types of options available when it comes to filing the necessary papers for a company. Some forms are meant for sole traders, and there are business firms that are meant for larger companies.
One has to consider some essential aspects before filing for a company in Hong Kong. One should also take into account any additional costs involved in incorporation, including the registration and taxation of the company and the other charges that come along with it.
There are two significant ways in which a person can go about obtaining a company in Hong Kong. He or she may go about it on his or her own, or he or she can approach a solicitor for help. In either case, the main thing that should be kept in mind is the kind of business one is interested in it.
For example, if the company’s products are computer or software related, then it would make more sense to go for a SIC than an SBC as there is no need to consider the possible tax implications of incorporating a business that solely sells computers.


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